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That One Time At Training Camp

One of these days, I’ll have a normal person holiday. I’ll go somewhere sunny and warm, by the beach that I’ll barely see because I’m too busy getting shitfaced by the hotel pool, somewhere I can wear flip-flops for casual everyday use and not just to comply with mainland Europe’s far superior public pool hygiene policies – fuck you Brexiteers, all I want is people in Streatham to shower before they get in the pool dammit – and I’ll wear a short-sleeved shirt six days out of seven and say everything very loudly and slowly in a terrible mockney accent, and probably alienate a whole bunch of people in some seedy nightclub. 654 kelime daha


10 Reasons I Love The Bookstore!

  1. I love the smell of new books. I mean who doesn’t? Knowing that you’re the first one to open the next greatest mystery or adventure where you might learn something new is a euphoric feeling…
  2. 597 kelime daha

Swoon - Cage & Teeth.

Cage & Teeth are the sounds of new Electronic Alt-Pop Rock group ‘Swoon’. The late 2017 songs are almost an onomatopoeia of what their band sounds like. 96 kelime daha


U€ y Turquía

Así vivimos la entrada en vigor del acuerdo entre la U€ y Turquía. Hoy siguen atrapadas miles de personas en las islas griegas.

Estábamos ahí, en una diminuta isla en medio de la gran masa marina, frente a Turquía, esperando ver que pasaría con la firma del acuerdo entre la UE y Turquía. 300 kelime daha


New Raey, New Revelation, New Regimen

New Raey

HAPPY NEW YEAR! HAPPY 2018! I am rereading my first posts and they make me laugh. I remember the zeal and fervor with which I typed them. 542 kelime daha