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Final Poster Design

We have been experimenting with Photoshop a lot throughout the semester for our Architectural Communication course. One thing that excited me the most was “Expressive Drawing” on this course but unfortunately, everything was so hectic during that week due to our Basics of Design final jury was just around the corner we couldn’t really focus on the topic as we supposed to. 378 kelime daha

Arch 111

Overview in the Final Jury

First of all, it was second stage of final jury and it was very exciting experience for me. Because this was first experience for both our department and us. 131 kelime daha

ARCH 101


I designed my new model for final jury according to the critics that I recieved for the previous jury. My design idea was creating small centers around a centralized 3D space which has both X,Y,Z axes. 78 kelime daha

Arch 101