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Day 944: Forest Cabin

Day 944: Forest Cabin

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Another forest based image (yup, I realised afterwards that I’d managed to spell forest wrong when titling both of the last two sketches, my bad). 36 kelime daha

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Destination: Prague, Czech Republic (2018 Edition-- Part 2)

After my first full day in Prague, I spent the next couple of days going on day trips to nearby Czech towns (Karlovy Vary and Olomouc– more on them later). 1.016 kelime daha


L’edificio commerciale più sostenibile del mondo - The most sustainable commercial building in the world

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Per quanto non abbia mai amato particolarmente le opere di Sir Norman Foster, devo dire di essere rimasta ammirata nel leggere la sua intervista al… 508 kelime daha

The public health impact of Hurricane Harvey is worse than we've been told

Over six months since Hurricane Harvey decimated much of Central America and the American Gulf Coast, the public still does not have the answers it needs regarding the full public health impact of the powerful storm. 45 kelime daha


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is growing at an exponential rate

Researchers have observed that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, now three times the size of France, is showing signs of exponential growth. In a new study published in the journal Nature, scientists provide a detailed analysis of the garbage patch, a monumental effort that required two planes and 18 boats to complete.  29 kelime daha


Dreessen: Let's value architecture like we do music and art

Starting in 1872, Canada had a Chief Architect, originally a Dominion Architect, responsible for the design of many federal buildings. However, that role ended in 1975. 733 kelime daha