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MonoVisions Photography Awards

This photo of a Bosnian gypsy boy was taken during a wedding party in a gypsy camp on the outskirts of Rome. In particular, this melancholy look represents a little of all Gypsy children born in a very hard and sometimes cruel reality, which gives them no hope for the future (Accomplice of all this is also the very low schooling of the younger generations). 408 kelime daha


Streets of London

This weekend I have been editing photos from our summer road trip to London and beyond. God I miss summer. However, browsing these pics made me think about something – I really love the streets of London. 162 kelime daha



Rue Bara, Brussels-South, Brussels, Belgium

Shot with Fujifilm X100F

Egyptian Sphinx

I did this as a little birthday gift for a social-media buddy of mine. It’s supposed to be a large Egyptian sphinx, complete with a covering of paint like the real Great Sphinx of Giza would have had when it was first completed during the reign of the Old Kingdom Pharaoh Khafre (2558-2532 BC).


Open House

Open house in London starts for me this year with standing in the rain in a queue outside a hotel at Liverpool Street. When I’m finally allowed in, it’s to wait in the lobby to wait for the previous group to leave and for a marketing manager to subject me to a toe-curlingly awful brand statement about their new cocktail bar. 377 kelime daha