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An Entire Industry at Stake

I’m kind of bummed today. While out for our hike, my family used two of my favorite promotional items, and it got me thinking about the conversations I’ve had with other professionals in my industry over the past weeks. 369 kelime daha

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Tentang Menyusui

Melihat realita sekitar, dulu aku dan adekku sama ibuk disusui 2 tahun, lalu kakak ipar pun begitu. Maka waktu punya anak, tekadku udah bulat bakalan: OKE, ASI 2 TAHUN! 706 kelime daha


ANI, AGI, & ASI: The 3 Types Of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is the ability for machines to demonstrate similar (or equal) intelligence to humans. It has long been the challenge to create AI that is able to make decisions, think, act, or solve problems like a human being. 1.025 kelime daha


Ancient idols, remain of temples: Found during the leveling at Ram Mandir construction site

In Ram Janambhoomi, Ayodhya, seven pillars of black touchstone, six pillars of red sandstone, a five-foot shivling, and remains of idols of gods and goddesses were found during the leveling of the site on 21st May 2020. 377 kelime daha


Outstanding Graduate Student 2020

Emily Rivas received a B.A. in History from Fresno State in 2018, and the following semester she began working toward her master’s. She’s had a passion for history since she was a little girl because she saw her father as the unofficial historian of her family, carrying their history from El Salvador. 1.220 kelime daha