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Assignment 4


For assignment 4 I was asked to review all my landscape paintings and preparatory sketches and access which have been the most engaging exercises… 2.810 kelime daha

Painting 1

Assignment 4

This assignment brief asked for 2 large figure studies (A1) and a self-portrait or portrait (any size). I admit that I had to use A2 for my figure drawings. 613 kelime daha

Part 4

A4: Essay plan and ideas

For A4 we are required to write an essay. Two questions which I am considering from A4 are

  • What is your understanding of self and what bearing does your personal use of photography have upon it? 

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OCA Self & Other

Dear Cleo 18 01 15

Dear Cleo

It was good to catch up at the weekend, I missed you while I was in America and I am glad you liked the NYPD top I got for you. 1.006 kelime daha

Drawing 2

Assignment 4 (Re-work)


Tutor Suggestions:

  • Flag up in a much clearer way the additional research you carried out for this project in your blog as evidence.
  • Barthes!
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Assignment 4

Ceci n'est pas un fil

As I work through the various exercises, I’ve been trying to push the boundaries of what I think of as yarn: the ‘living yarns’ made from plant material, yarns made from elastic bands, a plastic slinky and so on. 99 kelime daha

Assignment 4

Exercise 4.3

Experimenting with twisting and plying, weaving, crochet, knitting, knotting, braiding, and plaiting.

I returned to the painting I’d used in exercise 3.2 and the yarn wraps I’d produced. 600 kelime daha

Assignment 4