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Pt.4, Reflection of Tutor Feedback

I’m very pleased with the feedback I received for part four of the course unit and I’m happy to be moving on to the final part. 1.038 kelime daha


Assignment 4 :The Language of light

Assignment four “The Languages of light” required me to revisit one of the exercises from earlier on in part four and develop it into a formal assignment submission. 1.210 kelime daha

Assignment 4

My tutor’s comments on assignment 4

I was very happy that my tutor wrote the following about Unit 4:

An original, engaging and thoroughly researched submission, with very good attention to detail in the exercises too.

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Research & Reflection

Research Plan for Assignment Four – A Critical Review  

A Critical Review of Japanese Landscape Photography
Why this Subject?

For Assignment Four I am proposing writing A Critical Review of Japanese Landscape Photography. The Tate Gallery describes picturing the Landscape as historically, ‘the appreciation of nature for its own sake.’  What does this definition mean regarding the Japanese landscape and how is it presented, more importantly, why is the practice of it by Japanese indigenous photographers somewhat elusive? 217 kelime daha

Assignment Four

  1. Figure study using line (A1) – Seated model in an upright chair

As I mentioned before (perhaps too many times) living in Saudi Arabia means no access to life drawing classes and very limited possibilities to draw people from life. 1.031 kelime daha

Assignment 4.1: Figure Study using Line - Seated Model in an Upright Chair


  • Take note of the proportions of figure and chair
  • Move gradually to describing details
  • Use single lines or a combination of lines
  • Use varying lines: narrow – thick, curved – straight, fractured, expressive, gestural, dynamic etc.
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