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Tutor Feedback on assignment 4

On Monday just got, the 12th of March I had a tutorial with Clive on my assignment 4 submission.

His feedback was a s follows: 281 kelime daha

Assignment 4


I would like to do start the 24 hours on the Tuesday, I would need to do this, because to get some good modern architecture I would need to be in Cambridge, because in my are the buildings are all reasonably old or don’t have a modern style. 71 kelime daha

Assignment 4

After tutor feedback I need to go back to rework some of my images. I now need permission to photograph in the lexicon using my camera. 22 kelime daha

Learning Log

Assignment 4 continued (post 3/3)

Colours and materials

Having finalised my illustration’s composition, I next wanted to arrive at a decision on a colour palette.  To help with this process, I transferred my line visual into Photoshop and tested some colour schemes. 1.208 kelime daha

Assignment 4

Assignment 4 continued (post 2/3)

Observational drawings

The first step of producing the magazine illustration was to draw a well-observed still life using items of your choosing.  As discussed in my previous post, I wanted to convey the word… 616 kelime daha

Assignment 4