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The Other Side of Animation: A Monster in Paris Review

It’s always disappointing when you read up about a film, finally watch it, and love/hate it at the same time. The movie in question could have so many great elements that make it a great movie. 1.200 kelime daha

Film Review

Review: A Monster in Paris

A Surprising Masterwork in Character-Driven Animation

Sometimes a film comes along and manages to dazzle so thoroughly that it really reminds its viewer of the magic and charm possible in the whole “motion picture” concept. 789 kelime daha

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Un monstre à Paris

Monstre à Paris, Un (2011)
★★ / ★★★★

A delivery to the botanical gardens goes horribly awry when Raoul (voiced by Adam Goldberg) and Emile (Jay Harrington) decide to step beyond the front door and play with some of the potions while the professor in charge is away on a trip. 551 kelime daha

Well, I'm Certainly Not Going Through Life With One Hand Tied Behind My Back. -- James Dean

CTNX Day Two

Day two at CTNX was exhausting, it was packed and buzzing like a beehive.

I made it into two of the lecture panels today, ” Directing for Animation” moderated by Tony Bancroft with Bibo Bergeron, Barry Cook, Brent George and Jorge Gutierrez and the “3 amigos” with Marcos Mateu, Armand Serrano and Marcelo Vignali, moderated by Paul Lasaine. 144 kelime daha


Review: A Monster In Paris

This is my review for the English language version of French animation A Monster In Paris. 599 kelime daha

Shaun Keeney

A Monster in Paris (Un monstre à Paris)

A Monster in Paris (Un monstre à Paris)

France (2011) Dir. Bibo Bergeron

In early 20th century Paris meek film projectionist Emile accompanies his friend, inventor and courier Raoul to make a delivery to a botanical garden. 681 kelime daha

Foreign Language

A Monster in Paris

I wasn’t able to watch this cute movie in cinema, but at least I watched it know. It’s so funny and cute, but it isn’t for everyone. 105 kelime daha