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So… last night as I mentioned (if you read my short sleep deprived last post) I published a bunch of posts that had been sitting on my page as drafts. 447 kelime daha


Al Habibi Abu Dhabi

Post number #3 on Globetrotters Guide to the Galaxy.

Post my trip to Dubai, I knew I had to visit Abu Dhabi.

So here’s an account of the 48 hours I spent in Abu Dhabi. 300 kelime daha

My 2018 Travel Plans

This blog kind of started out as a travel blog, but I was living in the Netherlands at the time, and so getting a bus an hour away was enough to constitute travelling. 293 kelime daha


31 Day Challenge: Day Five


I love doing this.  None of these songs are particularly hip or cool… or recent, but I… 117 kelime daha

Everyday Life

The First Five Days

The Arrival

What a whirlwind these past few days have been… I landed in Stockholm on Saturday afternoon after facing 5 hours of delays flying out of Chicago, missed flights, and lost luggage; needless to say I was exhausted and ready to FINALLY be here. 439 kelime daha


gimme a break.

Mistakes. Incidents. Accidents. Forgetfulness. Being human.

I have spent most of my life in an abusive relationship…

With myself.

Trying to change that is proving to be the hardest thing ill probably ever do. 152 kelime daha