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Spring Data MongoDB

With the rise of NoSQL databases in enterprise software, the Spring framework had a module added to handle connecting to and executing queries on MongoDB, a popular open source document store NoSQL database. 1.199 kelime daha


Cara Mudah Backup dan Restore Database MySQL

Backup dan Restore Database merupakan hal yang sangat penting bagi seorang Administrator Database (DB Admin). Dimana proses Backup memungkinkan kita untuk mendapatkan cadangan dari database yang kita miliki. 471 kelime daha

Open Source

DBCA - Create template from existing database

First we will create a template from the existing database

environment details

source db - troy
source server - oel6-node01.localdomain
listener port - 1521
user - sys
password - oracle… 104 kelime daha

What is difference between View and Materialized View in Database or SQL?

I. What is View in database

Views là các bảng ảo được tạo bởi select query nhưng kết quả không được lưu ở bất kỳ đâu, và mỗi lần cần truy xuất dữ liệu chúng phải thực thi câu truy vấn do đó dữ liệu luôn được cập nhật hoặc là nguyên bản từ những bảng dữ liệu khác. 606 kelime daha


Book Notes: Designing Data-Intensive Application

Part 1: Foundations of Data Systems

Ch 1: Reliable, Scalable, and Maintainable Applications

  • Reliability
    • Fault Tolerance
      • Fault ≠ Failure
        • Fault =  system component deviates from its spec…
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5G does NOT cause COVID-19: Scientists swiftly debunk bizarre study that claimed radio waves used in the latest cell phone technology 'causes human cells to produce coronavirus' and sparked conspiracy theories

Researchers have swiftly debunked a scientific paper claiming 5G transmissions raise the risk of the novel coronavirus.

Earlier this month, an international team published a report on PubMed, a free life science and biomedical database, claiming the 5G (fifth-generation) mobile network triggered human cells to create the virus. 96 kelime daha

#5G Fifth Generation

First ‘Next Steps’ after the submission of Assignment 2

After my Assignment 1, my Tutor made some really helpful suggestions of artists to follow up about and some readings to undertake relevant to where I am at in my studies. 995 kelime daha

Part 2