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Elegant Scandinavian Style Home With Green Decor

The Prime Life project is an 81.6 square metre apartment Scandinavian Style design for a young woman and her son, located in Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation. The brief from the client stipulated that her son’s single bedroom and bathroom should be separate from the rest of the apartment with its own personality, there must be plentiful storage opportunities to tidily house all of their belongings with ease, and that the kitchen should accommodate an extra sleeping spot for an occasional guest. 559 kelime daha


This month’s favourite is a flower and bee I drew earlier in the week. Since the snow has come and gone, the sun’s come out of hibernation. 31 kelime daha


5 creative wall design way to transformation

5 awesome wall design which gives marvellous eye catching look to your home.

Its time for having walls that speaks about you.

You can check for the method then you can check the DIY & crafts page on my blog…

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Revitalize brands

In the last years a lot of old brands where revitalized and the manufacturer behind the brands are trying to replace them succesfully on the market. 220 kelime daha


Simon Pearce Egg Collection

The smooth, elliptical egg shape is a stunner from nature. At Simon Pearce,  beautiful egg shapes in various sizes are born from the hands of our glassblowers and potters. 85 kelime daha


Bike as Design Icon

A trip to the Design Museum revealed bikes as Design Icons rather than machines for high performance , or in the case of the Moulton an exercise in quirky British innovation… 70 kelime daha


Finally time to get started.

So, I made this blog a long time ago and haven’t actually started using it yet, but I think it may be time.  I will post some images of past and current work right now, but will be doing some other cool stuff, like process photos and videos, posting music that I make, and maybe even some leather work.   153 kelime daha