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Starting your Career in UX

From Prototypr:

Part 2: Challenges I faced

In this final part, we will be talking about some challenges I faced when I first started working as a UX Designer.

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Beauty Package Innovation Winter 2018

As Instagram continues to play a key role in driving purchasing decisions, brands are taking the opportunity to create social media-worthy packaging and limited-edition versions of iconic and fan-favorite products. 633 kelime daha


Fadeaway Women

Since I discovered the earlier version (1883-1936) of Life magazine earlier this fall, I’ve been browsing through its content and covers: this Life 1.0 was a very different medium than its successor! 143 kelime daha


Pariah Soul, Band Logo experiment

A local band in my area asked me to come up with ideas for a logo. Here are some of my ideas.

pariah embedded

I know It's weird but..

This area considered my favorite spot in the apartment.

Issey’s painting by the wall, and his weakness for Rimowa & tripod. haha

I really miss our apartment in Kuala Lumpur. 306 kelime daha