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6 basic factors for creating an Engaging Content

Most likely you may heard the famous sentence “Content is the king and delivery is the queen” if you are dealing with digital marketing in some level. 693 kelime daha



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Bu bir slogan değildir. Dijital pazarlama programlarımızda, işinizi güçlendirmek için bir araya getirdiğimiz SEO, e-posta pazarlaması, pazarlama ve içerik deneyimlerinin yıllarını bir araya getirdik. 278 kelime daha

Advantages of Employing an Digital Marketing Service for Advertising Your company Online

Online business has hit an all-time high globally, as major and minor providers are making their very own websites and attempting to cater towards the Net public. 749 kelime daha

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Why you should have a customer journey ?

Digital strategy creation requires some steps like customer personas, customer journeys, content and service mappings,… etc. And, each of these items are very important components of having a realistic digital strategy. 208 kelime daha


Do We Need Advanced Technology to Have a Digital Strategy ?

When we talk about Digital Strategy, many times the discussions also include the technology and the tools.

Let’ s make some points clear first. Digital strategy is actually focuses on “doing the right things” in digital environment which refers the “strategical” part of the thinking. 149 kelime daha


How much "personalization" in digital ?

Personalized user experience is a popular trend in digital since it is relatively easy to create personalized tactics in this space. Creating tailored messages and offerings to the right customers is usually generating more efficiency for the companies. 238 kelime daha


Target the right customers for Digital Tactics

Having a realistic and executable digital strategy does not mean that you’ ll be achieving your marketing goals. You also need to clarify your customer profiles and their journeys ending up with your goals e.g. 172 kelime daha