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UNITED KINGDOM: British Tourists Advised To Avoid Turkey Because Of Likely Terror Attacks

Tourists heading to the holiday destination over the summer have been told to brace themselves for the duel threat of mob violence and lethal terror attacks. 372 kelime daha


Top 5 Holiest Places in Turkey Known Only to Locals

Top 5 Holiest Places in Turkey Known Only to Locals

These top 5 holiest places in Turkey are located in the southeastern part of the country, except for Agri which is on the eastern side. 1.374 kelime daha


Memories of Diyarbakır

I was reminded of Diyarbakır today when I remembered a story from the New York Times in March about a Banksy mural protesting the imprisonment of Zehra Doğan, a Turkish artist.  993 kelime daha

Kurdish dreams, visions, and reality

Disclaimer: The following text is written from the viewpoints of anti-imperialism, anti-capitalism, environmentalism, and direct democracy. If you don’t share these views, you shouldn’t proceed, for you will only get annoyed. 4.762 kelime daha



A cool Twitter account with photos of Diyarbakır, the capital of Turkish Kurdistan.  Slight weakness for the super wide angle, the last refuge of those with no compositional ideas, but interesting nonetheless.  19 kelime daha

7 PKK terrorists killed in Turkey and northern Iraq

Turkish security forces killed a total of seven PKK terrorists in Turkey and northern Iraq over the last two days, according to a Turkish General Staff statement on Monday, Anadolu reported. 120 kelime daha