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German Kurds Wellcome Erdogan, Denounce PKK-affiliated Groups for Planned Protests

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is paying a much anticipated state visit to Germany on September 28-29. The Turkish president will visit western German city of Cologne which has a strong Turkish community on the last day of his visit. 651 kelime daha


Putin Erdogan have Concluded a Good Deal on Idlib

Much scepticism surrounds the fate of the city of Idlib following the deal concluded between the two presidents, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that led to the suspension of the long-awaited military operation against the jihadists and their allies. 1.028 kelime daha


Pro-Turkey Syria rebels cautiously accept Idlib deal

“But we will stay alert to any betrayal by the Russians, the regime or the Iranians.”

Pro-Turkey rebels have cautiously accepted a Moscow-Ankara deal to prevent a Russia-backed regime attack on Syria’s last major opposition bastion of Idlib, while a small jihadist group has rejected it. 341 kelime daha

Treachery and the Idlib Deal: Do Putin and Erdogan Respect Syria's Interests?

OPINION by Kennedy Applebaum

Written for Quemado Institute
September 21, 2018

Putin seems clearly the enemy of Syria’s elected President Bashar al-Assad—and the worst kind of enemy, having postured as an ally, then twisting 180 degrees and sabotaging Assad’s strategy for the penultimate phase of the Syrian civil war—the liberation by Syrian loyalists of Turkish-controlled and terrorist-ruled Idlib Province. 3.313 kelime daha


Russia, Turkey to form buffer zone in Idlib as Syria vows to 'liberate' it

Offensive on rebel stronghold called off, they will have to leave Idlib by mid-October, Russian, Turkish officials say • Turkish leader says deal aims to avert humanitarian crisis • Syria’s U.N. 678 kelime daha

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Turkey unveils plan to fight currency crisis; Lowers growth target

Finance minister promises to slash public spending by nearly $10bn as inflation surges

Finance minister Berat Albayrak said some infrastructure projects that have not been tendered out will be suspended © Reuters… 436 kelime daha