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Turkey to extend military campaign into northeast Syria — Behold Israel

Turkish military and Free Syrian Army take Afrin; ISIS takes over Syrian oil field, as well as small region in Damascus; Erdogan announces military campaign on remaining “terrorists” in northern Syria.

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Ο Ερντογάν εξαγγέλλει τουρκικές γεωτρήσεις στην ΑΟΖ της Κύπρου

«Δεν θα κάνουμε καμία παραχώρηση εδώ»

«Θα προχωρήσουμε μαζί. Θα επενδύσουμε σε αυτό μαζί. Η αντιπροσωπεία που θα διαμορφωθεί, η ομάδα που θα διαμορφωθεί, θα κάνει γεωτρήσεις για όλους και, ότι βρεθεί, θα μοιραστεί στη Βόρεια και τη Νότια Κύπρο, ανάλογα με τον πληθυσμό τους», είπε.


Turkish President threatens to launch wider offensive against Kurds after capturing Afrin

Turkey’s vow to ‘hand back to its real owners’ suggests fears of the ethnic cleansing of the Syrian enclave may be realised

By Patrick Cockburn… 816 kelime daha

Erdogan Claims US Gave Weapons to Terrorists in Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan slammed the U.S. State Department’s recent comments on Operation Olive Branch during a parliamentary meeting with his Justice and Development Party (AKP) this week. 157 kelime daha

Why are World Leaders Backing this Brutal Attack Against Kurdish Afrin?

Islamist militants – with Turkish army support – are wreaking havoc with a pocket of peace and sanity in the Syrian war

by David Graeber / Analysis and Opinion… 1.166 kelime daha


The U.S. Alliance With Turkey Is Worth Preserving

If the United States didn’t already face enough troubles in Syria, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently threatened American troops with an “Ottoman slap… 1.031 kelime daha

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