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John Saward - January 18, 2018 at 10:04PM

“Ranxin minis (rang bzhin mi gnyis) means one does not simply remain in the condition of the experience, but uses the experience as a method to find oneself (rigpa) in the state of contemplation. 75 kelime daha


John Saward - January 18, 2018 at 10:01PM

“In investigating the body, he (Ajaan Mahā Boowa) taught her to make use of the power of spontaneous observation as a contemplative technique. So as to avoid falling into conditioned patterns of thinking — based on habitual interpretations and fueled by conjecture and supposition — Mae Chee Kaew must employ the clear, unclouded mindfulness present right where consciousness emerged from the mind’s true essence. 108 kelime daha


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Social media is funny. Sometimes I send someone a friend request and I realize wait a minute I never liked this person in the first place. 93 kelime daha

The Rise of the Cyber Narcissists

It’s 1968, Andy Warhol, skin taut and stretched like plastic wrap over his emaciated mannequin like face, is exhibiting his retrospective exhibition at the Moderna Museet… 885 kelime daha

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