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Turkish police raided the offices of the Ipek Media Group

Turkish police raided the offices of a Ankara-based media group known to be critical of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

On Tuesday, Turkish police raided Koza-Ipek media resulting in the arrests of six people. 177 kelime daha

Press Freedom

Hizmet schools get cleaned off from Tajikistan!

Central Asian country Tajikistan’s government flushed of the schools belonging to the controversial Turkish Islamic scholar and educator Muhammed Fethullah Gülen’s movement “Hizmet” after shutting them down in the country. 279 kelime daha


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Gülen Movement Presents Yet More Interfaith Bloviating

Religious Freedom Coalition, by Andrew Harrod, June 18, 2015:

Perhaps the naïve expected insightful discussion of modern Islamic violence worldwide at the April 12 Fairfax, Virginia, panel “Community and Faith Leaders’ Role in Countering Radicalization,” … 1.110 kelime daha

Civilization Jihad

Reconsidering Fethullah Gülen

by Michael Rubin
May 20, 2015

Fethullah Gülen, the 74-year-old Turkish Islamic thinker, has long been the subject of controversy in both American and Turkish policy circles. 95 kelime daha

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Sufi Scholar Quotes 1

“The attack on the synagogue in Jerusalem is abhorrent and cannot be justified in Islam; we must denounce it…..Prophet Muhammad PBUH made it absolutely forbidden to kill women, children, elderly & religious people even in state of war…Attacking places of worship of all religions is absolutely forbidden in Islam; Prophet Muhammad PBUH stated it clearly.” 1.665 kelime daha