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As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party, the mainstream media corruptly echoes Democrat talking points with such dedication and focus that they’ve completely missed the fact that is so glaringly obvious to Americans that President Trump is using their corruption against them to keep them focused on his preferred topics and distracted with Democrat conspiracy theories such as Russian election interference that outs them as mediacrats. 1.843 kelime daha

Liberal Media Bias


What will our lives be like if we lose this war? It’s actually a very easy question to answer: we’d live the way the unfortunate residents of the “caliphate” or the oppressed citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran live today, in a totalitarian state under the dictates of the most rigid version of Sharia. 1.681 kelime daha


Former CIA Director James Woolsey: " Flynn discussed sending illegally Gulen back to Turkey."

“What I saw and heard was sort of the end of the conversation — it’s not entirely clear what transpired because of that — but it looks as if there was at least some strong suggestion by one or more of the Americans present at the meeting that we would be able — the United States would be able — through them, to be able to get hold of Gulen, the rival for Turkey’s political situation.”

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On the evening of 3/24/17, I was dutifully watching the MSNBC TV “Rachel Maddow” show where she started talking about this case where the republican President Donald Trump’s advisor, General Mike Flynn was actually planning a kidnapping. 1.121 kelime daha


GERMANY -- BND: "Gulen not behind Turkey coup attempt"

“Turkey has tried to convince us of that at every level but so far it has not succeeded.”

BND head Bruno Kahl

President Erdogan has accused U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen to be the mastermind of last summer’s failed coup in Turkey.

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Sean Spicer just told a whopper about Foreign Agent Mike Flynn

“SERIOUS ISSUES — Flynn has potentially problematic connections to foreign governments. His consulting firm has financial ties to Turkey… which perhaps explains why he said that he would extradite Fethullah Gullen… It has become evident that he has some confirmation-type problems.”

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Does Turkey suffer from Gulenophobia?

About two weeks ago Turkey’s EU Minister Ömer Çelik claimed that European leaders suffer from Erdoğanophobia, which in layman’s terms means an irrational fear of Turkish President Erdoğan. 2.745 kelime daha