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Gear Professional Interview

If you’ve got a gear performance problem, the Gear Research Institute (GRI) is here to help you. Since inception in 1982, GRI has been a primarily industry sponsored, experimentation driven research facility. 774 kelime daha


Canada & USA - Transpacific Eastbound GRI Update

Please be advised that the March 15, 2018 General Rate Increase (GRI), applicable on the Asia & Indian Sub-Continent (ISC) to Canada & USA trade lanes, and announced by ocean freight carriers at levels of USD 1000 per 40′ container, has been postponed to April 1, 2018. 83 kelime daha


Kafue ellies in need of a visit.

The GRI Elephant Orphanage is a sanctuary for abandoned elephants orphaned due to poaching, human conflict and other tragic circumstances.  The babies receive 24/7 care and protection from their dedicated keepers and learn to interact with other orphans after the trauma of losing their natural family.   252 kelime daha

Our Story So Far.

[Hawaiicouple][Tan đi] Chap 3

Giáng chiều, cỏ cháy, hồn cô quạnh.

.’ Ước gì mọi thứ biến mất hết đi, biến khỏi cuộc đời mình’

Đó là suy nghĩ đầu tiên và chiều tà 3 năm về trước khi cậu đặt chân đến tấm song trại cải tạo. 777 kelime daha

Hawaii Couple

All the GRIsly details: In Closing

This is a four-part summary of the GRI standards for the layman. The different parts can be found here: Part 1, Part 2, … 385 kelime daha


Vorbe goale

Cand crede ca dormi si iti sopteste, ca pentru el, te iubesc… Dar stii… Si vine 7 dimineata, te bate pe umar si piesele cad una cate una. 14 kelime daha

All the GRIsly details: Section 4

Welcome back. We’re now in the social section: GRI 401-419.

This section is about your organisation’s impacts on social issues like rights and diversity and so on. 1.208 kelime daha