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Pete Davidson Suddenly Deletes Instagram Page After Speaking Out On Mental Health

Pete Davidson worried friends and fans when he deleted his Instagram account on Saturday shortly after he praised Kanye West for speaking out about mental health and shared an alarming personal message. 25 kelime daha

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It's officially time for my mid-life crisis.

Except my mid-life crisis doesn’t include fast cars, scantily-clad/too-young women, or blowing money I don’t have. (Ok, maybe that last one a little–but have you… 472 kelime daha


My thoughts on social media ( video)

Social media is a wonderful tool for connecting with others but it also causes a lot of anxiety, depression and we end up comparing ourselves to others. 49 kelime daha

Even rock stars have tech gripes.

Famed musician Brian May, who co-founded the band Queen in 1970, published a long, detailed complaint about Apple USB-C connectors to his Instagram account on Wednesday.

246 kelime daha
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