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Where to Wednesday

As some of you may already know, Istanbul (Turkey) will be my first stop when I adventure off into the world in a couple of months. 349 kelime daha


Istanbul’s Massive New Airport Ready By Year-End

Europe’s largest airport is ready to open its doors this year. According to Turkish authorities, the massive Istanbul New Airport will open on October 29, 2018, which marks Turkey’s National Day. 127 kelime daha


Neo-Modernism as Social Realism: Nedret Sekban's "Between Life & Death

The monumental Nedret Sekban image first grasps the viewer from the huge poster announcing the exhibition down the street from its magnificent location — the Tophane- Amire Center of Arts and Culture in Istanbul. 738 kelime daha

Semra Kuytul Hocahanım İstanbul'da Sevenleriyle Buluştu

Semra Kuytul Hocahanım dün İstanbul’da sevenleri ile buluşarak çay içip, hasbihal etti.

Semra Kuytul Hocahanım 40 gündür tutuklu bulunan eşi Alparslan Kuytul Hocaefendi’yi Bolu’daki ziyaretinin öncesinde İstanbul’da sevenleriyle buluştu. 83 kelime daha


Mati itu Indah

Dalam beberapa pekan terakhir setidaknya aku mendengar empat kali kabar duka.

Sekitar awal bulan Mei 2017, rekan seperjuanganku di Tanah Syuhada yakni Fiki Murdiansyah mendapat kabar duka dari Tanah Air. 625 kelime daha


ESP Connection

Earlier today I was thinking about a purchase I made in Istanbul a few years ago. Eight hours later, the phone rang. When I answered, there was a whooshing sound, as though the call came from very far away. 43 kelime daha


Hello, from Turkey!

Yes, I arrived in Istanbul, Turkey last Friday, for an eight-day vacation! I took a quick tour of this great city on the European continent before heading for the Asian side of Turkey across the Sea of Marwara. 65 kelime daha

The Bride