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14 Days of Fangirling: Day 5

Day 5: Actor or actress you once liked, but now you don’t.

Sada: This is no secret, it’s Han Ye Seul. Plus, her acting didn’t get better over the years. 100 kelime daha


Growing Korean pop culture in India

Korean pop-culture, a growing subculture in India, now has substantial fan-base. Despite the fact the it is one of the toughest languages to learn and understand, there are thousands that follow Korean music, movies and television series. 781 kelime daha


Keluar Militer, Kim Hyun Joong Akan Gelar Jumpa Fans

Selesai menjalankan kewajiban militernya selama 21 bulan, Kim Hyun Joon telah resmi keluar pada 11 Februari lalu. Tanpa menunggu lama, ia mengumumkan rencana jumpa fansnya pada 29 April mendatang. 48 kelime daha

Concert / Showcase / Fan Meeting

👽 Welcome back Kim Hyun Joong 👽

👽 I know it’s already days late but I still wanted to welcome you- with open arms and open heart. You made it in the military successfully because if not, you won’t comeback here smiling and still vibrant as ever. 218 kelime daha

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong [article] THE LETTER


By: LazerKim


Finally the long wait ended last Saturday Feb 11th as Kim Hyun Joong was finally discharged from his MS that really felt like New Year, as one of my readers described the festive mood created by KHJ fans from all walk of life from SK and from other countries! 1.814 kelime daha

Kim Hyun Joong Resmi Menyelesaikan Wajib Militer

Hari ini, Kim Hyun Joong resmi meyelesaikan wajib mliter setelah 21 bulan.

Setelah keluar, Kim Hyun Joong menyampaikan pesan “Aku merasa seperti memulai bagian kedua dari hidupku.” 115 kelime daha

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Boys Over Flowers

Geum Jan-Di is an ordinary girl whose family owns a dry cleaning store. She gets selected to Shinhwa High School (school which is attended by wealthiest families) as a scholarship student after saving a student of Shinhwa from committing suicide after being bullied by F4 gang ( Gu Jun-Pyo , Yoon Ji-hoo, So Yi-Jeong and Song Woo-bin). 336 kelime daha