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Lee Si Young, Choi Yeo Jin, dan Kim Hyun Joo Gabung "Lady Action" – Beberapa orang telah mengkritik KBS2TV karena dianggap menjiplak konsep program MBC “Real Men” dan yang populer “Real Men Khusus Wanita.” Saluran ini sebelumnya meluncurkan variety show populer “Superman Returns” setelah menyaksikan keberhasilan MBC “Dad! 121 kelime daha

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We Love You Kim Hyun Joong!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This post is written in collaboration with my fellow Henecian whom I love dearly – Nixie.

For many years now, people have considered Hyun Joong to be only this pretty faced singer who played the lovable “Sunbae” in Boys over flowers whom girls fell in love with & were ready to be the ones to heal him with their love. 1.263 kelime daha

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong...[article] LOVE MEANS...


By: LazerKim


In our journey with Kim Hyun Joong as his fans we shared a lot of good memories with him that all through the years since we started following him, there was never a dull moment. 1.242 kelime daha

今でも (Still) Album Review: A Singer/Fan's Perspective!

I remember when we all heard that Hyun Joong would release a full length Japanese album in February. The moment I heard about this, I had made up my mind. 2.196 kelime daha

Kim Hyun Joong

Slander Kim Hyun Joong; Get more Traffic!

The weekends are supposed to be fun times for everyone! But for me & my henecian sisters, triple S supporters of Kim Hyun Joong, weekends are a nightmare. 969 kelime daha

Kim Hyun Joong