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4th charity project of SS501 fans

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[FA] HJ's treat at Jaksal Chicken on 30 Apr 2017

Actually many fans were expecting HJ to go to Jaksal the next day after FM and some really had the luck of the world to get a treat from him! 376 kelime daha

[FA] Kim Hyun Joong '2017 ANEMONE FM' in Seoul by Aileen_henecia

Had shared a few FA on twitter by this fan and will continue with the rest of what she had shared here.

FA shared by… 283 kelime daha

[FA] Kim Hyun Joong '2017 ANEMONE FM' in Seoul by 地上最强呀

FA shared by @地上最强呀 + eng trans by kelemama/501wangja

Repost with full credits only


1. Going to draw the Q&A notes that fans left outside the hall, separated according to China, Japan and Korea (but it seem not many fans knew about this..) He took a glance and said ‘Hmm…why does it seem like there’s not a lot… which one should I start with?’ Someone from the floor shouted ‘Canada’! 720 kelime daha

Heo Young Saeng dan Kim Kyu Jong Tunjukkan Dukungan dengan Datang Ke Fanmeeting Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong baru saja menggelar fanmeeting ‘ANEMONE’ pada tanggal 29 April.

Heo Young Saeng dan Kim Kyu Jong datang ke acara fanmeeting untuk menunjukkan dukungan mereka kepada Kim Hyun Joong. 48 kelime daha

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Kim Hyun Joong Dikenakan Denda Karena Tertidur Saat Mengemudi

Pada tanggal 26 Maret, Kim Hyun Joong mendapatkan keputusan denda karena ia ditemukan tertidur di mengemudikan mobil di jalan raya. 56 kelime daha

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Terlibat DUI, Kim Hyun Joong Dikenakan Denda 20 Juta

Pada 26 Maret lalu, aktor sekaligus penyanyi Kim Hyun Joong terlibat akan DUI (Driving Under the Influence) atau mengemudi saat mabuk. Izin mengudi Kim Hyun Joong pun disita setelah ia ditemukan tertidur di jalan saat tengah mengemudi. 52 kelime daha

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