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Record breaking revival of Mardin tourism as peace holds

Mardin has become one of the fascinating tourist destinations in Turkey because of its historic architecture, characteristic city landscape, diverse cuisine and a culture of coexistence of Muslims and Christians.

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The Southern Express | เส้นทางรถไฟตุรกีสายใต้ | Güney Ekspresi

ในที่สุดเราก็มาถึงสถานีจุดมุ่งหมาย Diyarbakır เราลงที่นี่เพื่อต่อรถไป Mardin อีกที แต่ Güney Ekspresi ยังคงเดินทางไปต่อจนถึง Kurtalan

Hey, little train, wait for me!
I once was blind, but now I see
Have you left a seat for me?

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Mardin is a city in South-eastern Turkey and the capital of Mardin Province, it is renowned for its architecture and strategic position atop a summit, close to the Tigris River. 285 kelime daha


Mardin: Witnessing Mesopotamia

Call me an old soul. I even sometimes think that I was probably born in the wrong era. There are some particular period of time that I wish I could have experienced. 1.489 kelime daha

Top 5 Holiest Places in Turkey Known Only to Locals

Top 5 Holiest Places in Turkey Known Only to Locals

These top 5 holiest places in Turkey are located in the southeastern part of the country, except for Agri which is on the eastern side. 1.379 kelime daha


Tour of Beauty - Chapter 2: Free spirits

It’s 8pm local time, and with a full and heavy heart I lock myself up in my hotel room. The floor radiates heat, coming from nearby hot springs. 970 kelime daha


Tour of Beauty - Chapter 1, Family Life

Breakfast under our belts, we leave Istanbul behind. Unfortunately we had not one second of free time to enjoy this vibrant and colorful city, but we promise ourselves we’ll surely be back soon. 1.087 kelime daha