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Food trucks are illegal in Dublin apparently, however we found this really cool one stationed at the back of a pub! Vegetarian Vietnamese fusion food!

#AllezLesBleus: Finishing the workday cheering for my team! #Fra #WorldCup #FraPer #FiersDetreBleus

Empowering Situation:

I’m inspired by Claire Wineland right now, enthralled by what this kid has to say. To teach us to see how a problem, illness, difficulty are nothing more than an “empowering situation.” 61 kelime daha

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A Dream Life #FridayFictioneers

They all sat around Pedro, wide eyed as he narrated stories of the awesome life in Venice. Far far away from poverty, a dreamy world lay, where people took rides in gondolas or enjoyed their coffee at the Piazza. 87 kelime daha

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Secrets #FFFAW #FlashFiction

The vase stood on the table, gleaming in the sunlight.

It was testimony to our love story. On our honeymoon, as we wandered in the streets of Paris, my eyes fell upon this vase and we bought it. 186 kelime daha

Aks Corner


“He’s so gifted; he was sent from heaven. I can’t even begin to describe my emotions right now.” – Smith, Justify’s jockey

I draw my inspiration from strange places. 35 kelime daha

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When Ignoring Becomes a Noun:

There are many unnecessary mistakes we foolishly put ourselves through–because of ignorance. When we ignore our best judgement and inner knowing.

Ignorance really just means: the state of ignoring. 12 kelime daha

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