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News: Edelstein Ink of the Year 2019 - Star Ruby

As the embers of 2018’s excitement begin to slowly fade with the year’s close, Pelikan rekindles a sense of anticipation for next year by giving us a small taste of what’s to come.  399 kelime daha


News: Pelikan Herzstück 1929 Limited Edition

Theodor Kovacs altered the course of fountain pen history when he designed the differential piston filling mechanism.  Prior to his creation, fountain pens were known to have smaller ink capacities and were somewhat cumbersome to use.   650 kelime daha


Pelikan, Pelican, Pélican: The How And Why Behind The "C"

A brand is often a company’s greatest asset.  Frequently more than just a logo, tagline, or ad campaign, a brand is the sum total of the consumer’s experiences and interactions with it.   830 kelime daha


A Peek at the Pen Cup: The "I Am So Normal" Edition

Oh yeah, look at this pen cup. I only have five fountain pens going, and it’s good.

Nothing intentional: I haven’t been using the pens much lately. 722 kelime daha

Fountain Pens

Ya Aye Did // Pelikan II

Oh the perils of disposable income. Review likely, timing TBD.

Inked the jewel right away with a new ink I got with it, Noodler’s Apache Sunset. 59 kelime daha


New Pen Day: Pelikan M600 Vibrant Orange

By the standards of these things, my Pelikan M600 Vibrant Orange isn’t really “new” any more, since I got it back before Thanksgiving. But I still like it! 1.484 kelime daha

Fountain Pens