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Pelikan M600

When asked to name a fountain pen made by Pelikan, most people go for the M200, M400, M800, or the M1000.
Not the M600. But why? 1.032 kelime daha


Holiday Haul 2017 // Year in Review

This is it. I’m done for the year. And the year just started too.

I originally planned for this post before the end of last year, but it seems shipping and postage was not in my favour, so a few items showed up late. 2.304 kelime daha

Fountain Pen

News: Ink of the Year 2018 - Olivine

The 2018 Edelstein Ink of the Year has long been anticipated and Pelikan took the opportunity today via their social media accounts to make the official announcement.   489 kelime daha


Why Pelikan?

The early days of 2018 have provided me some time for introspection (there is not much else you can do when in the midst of a bomb cyclone).   2.532 kelime daha

This Week’s Pens Inks How Much Novel Progress
  •  1,862 words typed (New Year’s Day, eh).