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Affluent in Emancipation

In the thirty-fifth century, humanity has moved to a new solar system, colonizing the seven planets within the habitable zone.  There is an eighth planet closer to the sun ,called Emancipation, that has become a prison planet for the rest of the solar system to send their criminals.  2.180 kelime daha

Ralph Lauren: 'You Don't Have To Wear A Label To Be Important'

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CBS NEWS – Ralph Lauren created one of the most recognizable fashion brands in the world, but he’s not hung up on labels, he tells Jane Pauley in an interview on… 216 kelime daha


"eyes mirror of soul" T-shirt homme

T-shirt homme

manche courte , col rond

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50 Years of Ralph Lauren

Whenever I run into old high school friends or fraternity brothers, and I tell them that I’m working for Ralph Lauren, the response is always the same, 1.911 kelime daha

New Home

A 2-state bike ride to watch polo in Pennsylvania

This bike ride began with a tip: you can watch polo matches in Tinicum Park, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, just across the Delaware River from New Jersey. 842 kelime daha

Bike Ride

5 ways to wear long sleeves

I’ll be starting my Top 5 series which is my top 5 picks for a given category.  Finally, something that might give you ideas! :P  This is one of the many so if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or message me and I’ll do my best to cover it on my blog. 283 kelime daha


The Route of: Marco Polo

Marco Polo (1254-1324) was an Italian merchant and explorer born in the wealthy Republic of Venice in the High Middle Ages, a time where Venice held great importance in Europe, under the alliance of the Holy Roman Empire. 552 kelime daha