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Former Shark’s legal action over brain injury

{“contentType”:”NEWS_STORY”,”id”:{“value”:”506c8b963ad366112fddc9405eeb1eba”,”link”:”http:\/\/\/content\/v2\/506c8b963ad366112fddc9405eeb1eba”},”originId”:”e305a3a8-299e-11e8-9ee2-5963f19f28cd”,”origin”:”METHODE”,”channel”:”NONE”,”title”:”Former Shark\u2019s legal action over brain injury”,”subtitle”:”Former Cronulla star Reece Williams has launched legal action against club\u2019s medical staff over treatment of his head injuries”,”description”:” 6.328 kelime daha

Blood Clot

6 tipos de negócios que você pode abrir com pouco dinheiro

É possível aproveitar uma oportunidade de mercado sem fazer fazer negócios

Você está sonhando em abrir seu próprio negócio, mas não tem muito dinheiro para investir. 365 kelime daha


Learning Maps in Practice

by Manju Binning and Courtney O’Connor

Approximately two years ago, we formed an ‘Inquiry Pod’ at Elgin Park Secondary. The purpose of this group was to work collaboratively to shift our mindsets to encompass the practices of 21st Century Learning, and the first area we decided to focus on was assessment. 481 kelime daha


SETA Summit Announcement

But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is the SETA Summit, and you are the sun! As part of this year’s Focus Day, the Surrey English Teachers’ Association has organized our first-ever mini-conference to bring together and support teachers of English Language Arts in the district. 878 kelime daha


Yu Narukami/Protagonist

Yu Narukami (fox) shimeji From the game and anime Persona 4

Artist is  

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