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Avoid Putting Text on Images in Facebook Ads

SJ Insights places Facebook ads for many of our clients – using Facebook’s phenomenal targeting tool and low cost, this ad program can provide very effective results. 1.023 kelime daha

Sheree Johnson

Trimming the Fat: Streamlining my Social Media Presence

Trimming the Fat: Streamlining my Social Media Presence

Lieutenant Reginald Endicott “Reg” Barclay III is a recurring fictional character from both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager. 1.081 kelime daha

Kareena Kapoor Khan: Despite not being active or even present on social media, I am still all over it

అవును.. వాటిలో నేను కనిపించను!

వెండితెరపై వినోదాల పంట పండించే నటీనటులకి సంబంధించిన అప్‌డేట్స్ తెలుసుకోవాలని ఎంతో ఆత్రంగా ఎదురుచూసేవారి సంఖ్య..continue

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Top of the web - May 2018

Kia ora. Here’s our summary of the webpages, blog and social media posts that were popular in May.

Website pages

There were 388,311 page views in May. 511 kelime daha


Perfect World

In a perfect world…

I would be happy.

I would be loved.

I would never be hurt.

I would never have to make the hard decisions. 195 kelime daha

Social Media

FOMO or JOMO? Or is it FOJI? JOJI?: Socializing as a Millennial

“It’s basically a FOMO feed.”

My friend and I were in a ritzy restaurants overlooking Bryant park, with perfect sunlight flooding in from the nearby windows and the most appetizing, well-plated brunch food in front of us. 898 kelime daha

Social Media

Seth Rogen Spreads His Hate Around

Seth Rogen has a strange way of showing love for his fans.

The Canadian actor recently appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and told a story about how he laughingly rejected some fans that had requested to have their photos taken with him. 732 kelime daha

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