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Combatting Criminal Gangs in Northern Syria

After Turkey and the allied Syrian opposition factions launched Operation Euphrates Shield and Operation Olive Branch, both areas in northern Aleppo and Afrin were cleaned from Daesh and YPG militants. 1.320 kelime daha

The New Turkey

Pengaruh Turki dalam Politik Internasional: Wacana Dunia Lebih Besar dari Lima (Dünya Beşten Büyüktür)

Salah satu poin paling penting dalam sejarah Islam adalah pengaruh Abu Dzar al-Ghifari terhadap pemerintahan Muawiyah, penguasa terkuat dari kekhalifahan Umayyah. Suatu hari Muawiyah -beliau adalah salah satu administator terbesar dalam sejarah Islam- beliau mengirim sejumlah uang yang cukup besar sebagai hadiah dari khalifah ke kota dimana Abu Dzar al-Ghifari berada. 650 kelime daha


How Broken Deals in South Syria May Affect Northern Syria

Mid-June this year the Assad regime began an extensive operation in southwest Syria aiming to get control of the last rebel stronghold region. The assault led to the  1.358 kelime daha

The New Turkey

Does Pentagon’s 2019 Budget Deny Trump’s Latest Syria Statement?

U.S. President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. will be “coming out of Syria, like, very soon. Let the other people take care of it now.” However, Trump previously promised the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he will immediately stop arm deliveries to the YPG in Syria, which didn’t happen. 1.390 kelime daha

The New Turkey

Iran and the YPG: Friends or Foes?

As the U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson explained the shift in U.S. policy priorities in Syria towards an attempt to limit Iranian influence by close cooperation with the YPG-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), questions have emerged regarding how realistic such policies would be. 1.396 kelime daha

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What will Turkey Face during the Afrin Operation?

In addition to the military difficulties to be embraced, Turkey has to ready itself for a propaganda war with the terrorist organization. A genuine media strategy by the YPG, in addition to journalists who openly sympathize with the group, will seek to de-legitimize the operation conducted in Afrin. 1.255 kelime daha

The New Turkey

Why are Syrian Rebels Losing Ground in Idlib?

The Assad regime and allied militias started an operation from northern Hama towards Abu Dhuhur military airport, capturing dozens of villages each day. Backed by Russian airpower, forces loyal to the Assad regime are trying to capture areas east of the trainway linking Damascus to Aleppo. 1.319 kelime daha

The New Turkey