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Humour in Life.....

I was quite amused with the Technological Innovations when Facebook suggested  to me this morning “I haven’t changed my profile Photo for a while!”I started laughing to myself(Often I do!)imagining ,lucky it didn’t suggest that “Time to change your Brief too!” Our movements are Now controlled by Mobiles and Googles..If you are about to be hit by a Truck looking at an young girl on the Roadside….You may not get your insurance amount,I am sure as it will be termed a Suicide! 612 kelime daha


Earth First

Transtition Towns Kaitaia’s February film was ‘First Earth‘, which could as easily be called ‘Earth First’ – putting earth first as a healthy, economical, and attractive building option that has met the needs of many human communities since building began. 405 kelime daha


Do we have a Conscience?

Years back I asked Visu ‘with so many useful and mind changing Arattai Arangams , do you have the satisfaction of having transformed this society a bit… 896 kelime daha

Dharmic Way Of Life