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DICE is Trying Their Best to Listen to The Fan Base

DICE recently announced that they are reverting previous TTK(Time to Kill) patch from Battlefield V, after listening to its community.

Few days ago, DICE decided to make TTK longer, even though they knew player base preferred current value. 60 kelime daha


Humour in Life.....

I was quite amused with the Technological Innovations when Facebook suggested  to me this morning “I haven’t changed my profile Photo for a while!”I started laughing to myself(Often I do!)imagining ,lucky it didn’t suggest that “Time to change your Brief too!” Our movements are Now controlled by Mobiles and Googles..If you are about to be hit by a Truck looking at an young girl on the Roadside….You may not get your insurance amount,I am sure as it will be termed a Suicide! 612 kelime daha


Earth First

Transtition Towns Kaitaia’s February film was ‘First Earth‘, which could as easily be called ‘Earth First’ – putting earth first as a healthy, economical, and attractive building option that has met the needs of many human communities since building began. 405 kelime daha


Do we have a Conscience?

Years back I asked Visu ‘with so many useful and mind changing Arattai Arangams , do you have the satisfaction of having transformed this society a bit… 896 kelime daha

Dharmic Way Of Life