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Set focus on tabbing ReactJS

I was working on Material-UI ExpansionPanel and had come across a task where I had to set focus on tabbing through them using keyboard. So when you press space on Focus, the Panel would open/close. 163 kelime daha


Under Construction

Thank you for your patience!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Sending you a Virtual Wave from all of us at FBG Tech Corp



It’s 12:25am, still up…editing videos for a client..been 3 days now..don’t know if it’s a lupie thing or just me!

Been up, twisting and turning, then checking the one I’m editing…feel empty…doing something with minds wandering off… glad my editing still looks good. 92 kelime daha

Daily Diary

Business update and hosting promotion

I hope you have all kept well through this ongoing covid-19 pandemic. Please stay safe. Also, follow your healthcare and government guidelines to help keep others safe. 351 kelime daha

Computers And Internet

Audio store

Audio store …
– saves links to audio files on the Interweb (needs permission for site storage)
– plays them 28 kelime daha